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Btw, my original definition of a weblog conversation didn't exclude self-linking :)

For adding time: could be difficult to color-code yellow/pink posts if they are linked to several conversations. May be color-coding links?

Also would be interesting to indicate a number of blogs/posts in a conversation with size of the black thing...

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The above are just some examples of how posts are linked over time. Do these links (and the networks they depict) constitute a conversation? This is a tricky question. The colours and the distribution over time provide some clues, but the meat of the matter has to come from text analysis. Is there a common topic that can be identified? Or, phrased otherwise, can it be determined "why" bloggers join the conversation?

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The boundary links are very close to the conversations (one self-link apart), the secondary links are further away (at least two self-links from a conversation). Surprising as it may seem, secondary links are very seldom in the data I looked at (might be interesting for social scientists to try to explain that!).

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Pink: a secondary link. A self-link to a boundary link or another secondary link.


Blogs and forums both provide a way to get feedback from your customers and sometimes you may wonder which is the right fit for you.

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Coming into a conversation equipped with personal information about that person comes off as creepy. That means researching a person on social networks before talking to them for the first time is not okay!) The information you get can be good for starting conversations.

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