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Nowadays people don't use knives to eat even if those are necessary, people don't have time they just try to eat faster and they come to work again.

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The above are just some examples of how posts are linked over time. Do these links (and the networks they depict) constitute a conversation? This is a tricky question. The colours and the distribution over time provide some clues, but the meat of the matter has to come from text analysis. Is there a common topic that can be identified? Or, phrased otherwise, can it be determined "why" bloggers join the conversation?

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I am still confused. I will read it for several times and I will try to understand it. Anyway, thanks for the info.

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Is Natural Language Processing the same thing as Neuro Linguistic Programming? I will definitely need to check out the CZ Corpus.

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Overall it is good information about cooking , by the way in middle post you were mentioned about any software so let me know what is that & how it work ?


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Thanks for this helpful information on developing an ontology. You are right, is not easy, but when done right, it looks easy.


One must really know their subject well to set up a satisfactory ontology. When this is done poorly it is very frustrating for the user. Looks like you did a great job - I had no idea there are so many kinds of knives. - Ellyn Deuink

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