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Hm,, why do you think that internet is original? Its always been introduced to me as as a contraction of 'network' with the 'inter-' prefix attached. 'network' is quite old (even though it would be interesting, etymologically speaking, to see where it got applied to computer networks) and IIRC, 'inter' is latin for 'between'.


Expanding "internet" to "between networks" and then expanding "network" to something like "(physically) connected entities" causes me to go into loop. Why do we need "inter" here as "network" already seems to imply it? Network itself is interesting as, these days, it no longer refers to physically connected entities, but also to social connections (and I'm wondering why a new word has not been invented to capture the difference between the two meanings of network, it does appear awfully difficult to invent new words and get accepted).


I started wondering about the things above and stumbled upon this website. It lists the various categories of 'new word formation processes'.


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The above are just some examples of how posts are linked over time. Do these links (and the networks they depict) constitute a conversation? This is a tricky question. The colours and the distribution over time provide some clues, but the meat of the matter has to come from text analysis. Is there a common topic that can be identified? Or, phrased otherwise, can it be determined "why" bloggers join the conversation?

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