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Gee zero hits on Google never thought of that as being something to sing about before, mind you it was more of a collective thinking that went into this idea (thought you were involved in that conversation?) rather than just me. But maybe we could copyright/trademark Ontological Fingerprinting or OF for short. We could even register www.ontologicalfingerprinting.org/com/nl it's so cheap to do it these days!

Mind you we have to see if we can pull it off (or should I type pull it OF!) first.



You are a funny guy! The term has now been claimed and we are going to be famous... (oops, you where already famous :-)).

Bob Wielinga


I had a master student experimenting with this very idea some years ago. We compared TFIDF scores and similar scores based on ontologies, using the super/subclass hierchies. We also experimented with including sibling nodes in the hierarchy. The ontology based methods were far superiour to the bag of word based approaches. The cosines in the TFIDS vectors are usually not very small, in the ontology-based metrics the angles sometimes are close to zero. Several documents were detected in this way which were very similar and which turned out to be various versions of a paper by the same author about the same research.

Real ontology fingerprinting I would say.


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