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Nancy White

This and your earlier post on visual settlements is really intriguing. I'm not sure I've wrapped my head around it, but am looking forward to following your work now that I've found you!

tom sherman

Hi Anjo,

I arrived here via a link from Alex Halavais' site. I think this is an absolutely fascinating little project you've done here. With Six Apart's recent acquisition of LiveJournal http://www.sixapart.com/pronet/2005/01/professional_ne.html , I think of how cool it would be to apply this type of analysis to LJ communities (assuming it hasn't already been done). Six Apart might be game for something like this, who knows!


Very interesting! Are you making Sigmund available so we can run this on our own blogs as well?



This is fantastic! Please keep me posted on where you go with this!


It is my intention to keep track of my working life on this blog. Does not always work out that way!

Contact Lilia and/or myself if there is anything specific. (Also applies to others, of course).

anjo science uva nl (insert @ and some dots).


So I only use either very original words or very common words?


Seb, Had a quick look under the hood and it appears you are using the same words as others semi-frequently. So, blend well with this community ...

Nancy White

I'm still working at getting chocolate to show up on my list! ;-)


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