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Santiago Gala

I'd say that, rather than a map, we need a "map with a route drawn on it", i.e. a purpose.

Purpose polarizes information like magnets do with iron particles.

But then, I'm possibly missing the point...


Well, the user has a purpose, so if the route is related to the user's purpose that would certainly help. Unfortunately, that won't happen very often.

One of the points is that the process of finding the right information is not obstructed by the amount of information (i.e. overload), but by presentation.

It took a long time to arrive at maps (e.g. in an atlas) as we now know them. Maps are very detailed and very useful.

In the project I work in there is the notion of "knowledge maps". An intriguing term and I'm trying to relate it to my own work (being interested in both knowledge and maps :-)).

Piers Young

Hi Anjo,
Sounds like the quote's from Edward Tufte.



Hi Piers, Indeed, very good. Won't ask for book and page number :-).

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