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David Sifry

Interesting stuff! Let's talk, drop me a line at dsifry at technorati dot com...



Hmm, noticed my About page disappeared. It is now back.

Jack Vinson

Some of my own thoughts:
. Glad you could let Lilia travel. It was fun meeting her F2F.
. Is there something that bloggers (or the tools) could do that would make these kinds of analyses "easier?" I've seen some suggestion for providing an rdf/xml file for each post, for example.
. Beyond "self" and "other," it would be difficult to identify the type of link from strictly the anchor tag, wouldn't it? (What is the definition of "community" in this context?)
. Quoting: While it may not work everywhere, it seems that most authors (and many WYSIWYG tools) use the BlockQuote tag to identify material that comes from elsewhere.
. Can link analysis / conversation discovery look beyond blogs to things like KnowledgeBoard or websites where articles of interest are posted and then linked into the blogosphere?

The attention of Dave Sifry can't be a bad thing. I'm guessing Technorati already does some of this, while generally only seeing "current" conversations. What I've seen of your work looks to history of conversations.



Q: "Is there something that bloggers (or the tools) could do". Full text RSS feeds are best. (I have never understood why most RSS feeds are first 100 words or so only).

Q: "Beyond "self" and "other," it would be difficult to identify the type of link from strictly the anchor tag, wouldn't it?" Perhaps. I'm sure someone has looked into this before. URLs that are permalinks seem to follow a set of patterns. In general, you are right.

Q: "Communities". How does one define a (weblog) community? I have some ideas on this, and slowly, very slowly Lilia is joining me.

Q: "Quoting". Of course you are right again, blockquote is used by most. This is simply something that has to be implemented.

Q: "BlogTrace and Technorati." We'll see. My interest, and that of Lilia also, is to look at weblog communities. Technorati is very useful as the Google equivalent for weblogs, the results it produces are not fit for serious research purposes.


Very impressive. Keep up the good work!!


miller bennett

Nice work! Why cant we just keep it simple and talk about the superbowl?


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Although BlogTrace already contains some interesting features, there are several reasons to not make it widely available right now (see the overview below). The medium term objective is to make it available as Open Source once the usability is at an acceptable level. At this moment an alpha version of BlogTrace is available for weblog researchers in my immediate research neighbourhood.

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