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Auke Touwslager

First thought that popped into my mind:
Mapping A Virtual City http://mappa.mundi.net/maps/maps_013/

Michal Migurski

How about using grey for the first item, posts with no inbound or outbound links? Your description reminds me of SimCity, which did an excellent job of visually identifying slummy or abandoned neighborhoods by coloring them in grey drab colors.

The layout of the town is important too - cities often grow in a radial fashion. If your site is categorized by topic, each distinct topic might be a development push in some direction away from the city center. As posts are commented, pinged, tracked back, or responded to, their representative buildings develop into dense towers. The categories that are growing the fastest will be easy apparent, spatially.


Michal, Several nice and useful ideas, thanks. This particular visualisation is only intended to show weblog linkage in a particular community. So, for example a "red" weblog is not necessarily abandoned, but this is to interpreted as: within the community there are very few links (in or out).

Your idea of a radial spatial layout certainly makes implementation easier!

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