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three points:

1. How do you know that Martin improves profits? Most likely he is just covering costs of hosting/domain name/etc.

2. I guess there is a difference between email and ads. Email spam gets into your territory (your mailbox), while although you load Martin's blog in your browser it's still his weblog. Following your logic one can say that nice images of a weblog are spam as well :)

3. If you don't want ads may be you should use RSS reader :)



@1. Profits do not have to positive. Perhaps Martin is aiming for a red Ferrari :-).

@2. His weblog? Part of it is filled by Google. Totally of out control by Martin. Some definitions of weblogs start with "a personal journal". Weblogs with Google ads are not personal anymore. And he now has to watch his language as well.

@3. Tried it, could do. Is that the same logic as installing a spam filter? Why is it always me who has to do the work?

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