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IM Jovan Petronic

Dear all,

A recent Bulgarian organizer introduced an idea of forbidding draw offers in chess. It was an interesting experiment. Not sure of the outcome.

I believe I have an even better suggestion for the LawMakers of Chess!?

Forbid premature resignations! Play untill checkmate and checkmate only!

Here are the pros:

1. One will never lose a game by premature resignation.
2. The spectators will finally see some checkmating positions in top-level games, not only in their post-game analysis.
3. Many believe, wrongly, that being checkmated is humiliating. It is not. Anyway, the new rule would lower the increasing percentage of faked games, as one would have to expose oneself to getting checkmated as well and thus be additionaly "humiliated".
4. Children and adults who checkmate will enjoy the game they love much more.
5. Children and adults who get checkmated will do their best not to let it happen again, thus improving their game of chess.
6. All will learn endgames better, which is relevant in the times of accelerated time controls.
7. All will respect the game of chess even more.
8. Winning techniques will improve for all.
9. It will be easier for individuals to get over a loss, as their temperature would cool down, while getting checkmated, thus improving chess players health conditions.
10. It will raise the level of the game and bring it a big step closer to other major sports, in which there is no such thing as resignation.

Here are the cons:

1. There are none.

Any opinion? Thanks in advance for your reply!
International Master Jovan Petronic
Beograd, Serbia.

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