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wondering if it makes sense to use ratio of the frequency of term in the conversation / number of posts in a conversation? Wouldn't change the results for a specific conversation, but would make comparison easier...

Also - I'd expect that "topic" should be well represented with Sigmind picture for the given terms.


My own definition is:
A topic is a semantic annotation of a document that people instinctively use to search and organize information. While we can semantically annotate many facets of a document, the notion of topic covers the document as a whole: it is the conceptualization of the document with the greatest breadth. When we seek information, our primary intention is usually to discover information on the same topic as is the topic of our problem. Topic can be distinguished from other descriptors of a document, such as language, style, punctuation, grammar, reputation, graphical design, author, date, and so on.

BTW, you can see how topics can be visualized graphically at [cosco.hiit.fi]. This is based on the open-source software for identification of topics from [componentanalysis.org].


Lilia, I'm using the ratio. Stupid I missed the Sigmund metric on first hand (perhaps I am on holiday :-)).

Aleks, I think your definition is sort of the right direction, but fail to see how to operationalise it in any rigorous manner. Browsing the links you provided I became a little wiser :-). Thanks.


Perhaps one cannot dissociate the definition of what is a "topic" from what does "going off-topic" mean in a specific context. Topics can grow, evolve, as further aspects are unearthed or perceived, and they can be contested... that is, you cannot take the topic as a given, it is shaped by the ongoing conversation.


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Take your time to research the whole topic, don't be in a hurry when buying a car


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These can be very dangerous for the new owner, so check the car carefully.

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Have somebody with you who knows a lot about cars because the engine of a car is the most important thing to look at before buying the vehicle. A good clean looking engine is not always an indicator for a good working engine. The owner might have washed it just to achieve a higher price for the car.


This is the new Vs. thread...back from the dead!!! In here, as in the last thread, you may speculate,tell the facts, or just lie about the three new systems!
That's what Hell Billy,Mike, did with his original, so let's continue the tradition.
Everyone has thoughts about the whole system fight and with there being 3 months till Wii and PS3 and the debate going to continue after the three are out, this thread is for them thar fightin' words.
This will also fill the void we may each have by not getting our daily post by Mayor Mortis saying "Wii." You know you've missed it!!!


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Burglar alarms are not the be-all and end-all of home security. There are plenty of other things you can install in your home that will help to stop a burglar from gaining entry – and many of them are very simple and inexpensive.

The key is to secure the possible points of entry. This means that doors should be made of strong, solid material (definitely not plastic or glass), be properly secured to their hinges and have tamper-resistant locks. Ideally, you should have an extra deadbolt that you put on at night, made from very strong metal.

Windows should be made from toughened glass, preferably double-glazed, so that they are almost impossible to break. Although window locks are relatively uncommon, they help greatly with security, and you should consider installing them. If your house has windows in a position where they can be easily and discreetly accessed from the street, such as basement windows, you should consider putting metal bars on them.

It is also important for your garden to be secure, as far more burglars enter through the back of your house than the front. This means that your fences should be high and have some kind of anti-climbing measures (spikes or anti-climb paint can work well). If you don’t like fences, get big hedges instead.

Another thing to consider is getting a dog – surprisingly effective against burglars, who don’t generally want to mess with dogs if they can avoid it. For this strategy to be more effective, put up a ‘beware of the dog’ sign. Smaller dogs are not so great for this because they are not generally scary – something like a big German Shepherd works best, not only because of their size, but because of their strong guard instincts that cause them to be hostile to strangers.

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This time, the source was a weblog conversation (loosely a collection of linked posts in a community) and determine what distinguishes a conversation compared to what the community usually blogs about (topic?).

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