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» Workshop on Weblogging Ecosystems from Data Mining
Anjo follows up a post on conversation graphing with an updated visualization. In addition, relating to the upcoming workshop and the data set we are releasing, he asks:Apart from stating that the data set consists of 10M posts little more [Read More]

» Content of Blogs from semiBlog
In various papers about semiBlog I have claimed that the things people blog about will often be things that is in some form or other already represented on their desktop - as an event entry in a calendar, a paper in a bibliographic databasae, etc. Now,... [Read More]


Flemming Madsen

Very interesting topic and post.

Have you considered using citation analysis?

We use it for measuring influence on all sorts of issues.

You can take a look at the latest demonstration here.

Who are the most influential authorities on 'business blogging'


Aldo de Moor

Very interesting, Anjo. I recently came across the SIOC (Semantically Interlinked Online Communities) project, which is "an ontology for describing discussion forums and posts on topic threads in online community sites. This includes but is not limited to: blogs, bulletin boards, mailing lists, newsgroups, etc."


Say that this would become some kind of standard. Could these categories then somehow be used in your analysis?


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